CoLuAa XXV 2017 Conference – University of Copenhagen

CoLuAa XXV 2017 Conference

CoLuAa is a meeting organized by the protein crystallography groups in Copenhagen, Lund and Aarhus (hence the name), and is open to anyone interested. The meeting has been organized annually since 1992 and this year's meeting is the 25th of its kind. CoLuAa is this year hosted by the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences  and organized by the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research at the University of Copenhagen.

CoLuAa aims at bringing together all structural biologists from Copenhagen, Lund and Aarhus and welcomes people from other locations as well. It is both a scientific as well as a social event meant to cultivate coherence in the community and foster new collaborations. 

The program will consist of presentations selected from submitted abstracts with  emphasis on young scientists, newcomers to the community as well as preliminary results and interesting problem cases. Submission of abstract is mandatory for participation for students and postdocs. If your abstract is not selected for a talk, you will be expected to present a poster. There will be an award for the best poster and best talk.

The meeting starts with lunch on Monday October 30 and finish with a lunch on Tuesday October 31.

Participation is free of charge and incl. all meals and drinks. Participants will have to arrange transportation and accommodation themselves.

Welcome to CoLuAa 2017!

Contact persons for the conference:

Guillermo Montoya (Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research) (
Pontus Gordon (Department of Biomedical Sciences)