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Ready to do your master thesis – at CPR?

Writing your master's thesis at CPR will give you a unique opportunity to learn and do research at a highly specialized international research center with a strong focus on the field of protein research. Being a master's student at CPR will provide you with an arena for displaying your talent and engagement within our fields of research. 

Why CPR? – because we offer:

An international research and study environment with a high level of cross-disciplinary collaboration

Individual supervision and mentoring by highly experienced and talented senior scientific staff

State of the art laboratory facilities and cutting-edge and specialized equipment

Join CPR as a master's student

We are always searching for highly motivated and engaged students. To start a master's thesis project at CPR you must have finished your undergraduate studies, or you will finish your undergraduate studies within a short period of time. 

Your educational background should be within Biomedicine, Biochemistry, Life sciences, Biology, Human Biology, Pharmacy or related areas. As a master's student at CPR you will be part of one of our research groups. Both Danish and international students will be assessed.

How to get accepted

If you are interested in joining one of our research groups as a master's student please check out our research pages to obtain an impression of the research carried out at CPR. Contact the relevant group leader to talk about your possibilities of becoming a master's student in that specific group.

Check out the Master's project currently offered at CPR