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Protein Production and Characterization Platform

Genomics and subsequent proteomics studies have revealed the impressive complexity of cellular proteomes in exceptional detail. It is usually accepted that proteins in cells mostly do not exist as isolated entities but exert their biological activity by interacting or associating, with many other protein partners, building complex cellular networks. Knowledge of the function and architecture of these proteins and their assemblies is essential to fully understand how they perform their function in the cell, opening the door to comprehend how their malfunction might trigger or facilitate disease. These studies require samples of superior quality and enough quantity for detailed structure-function analysis.  Therefore, these approaches usually necessitate recombinant production, which may be a bottleneck in many of these projects. The platform in the Protein Structure & Function Program has supported the center's scientists to address complex protein research projects.

The Platform is composed by the Protein Expression Facility and the Biophysics Facility.

First row from the left: Matteo Belluci, Havva Koc, Michael Ross Williamson, Li Peng Lundgren, Carla Donadoni, Andrea Lages Lino Vala, Khalid Pardes, Motiejus Melynis, Guillermo Montoya, Blanca López Méndez