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Protein Imaging Platform

Advanced light microscopy is a key technology at CPR by enabling researchers to visualize and measure protein dynamics, function, and localization in their cellular environment. Microscopy is also the method of choice for cell-based screening assays such as small molecule compound screens for drug discovery and genetic screens for diverse cellular functions using siRNA or gene editing tools.

From the left: Jutta Maria Bulkescher, Gopal Karemore, Kai John Neelsen, Claudia Lukas.

The Platform is coordinated by Professor Claudia Lukas and operated by Jutta Bulkescher (microscopy support) and Gopal Karemore (image analysis support). Together, this team supports all CPR scientists with top-level instrumentation for confocal-, widefield-, and high-content protein imaging as well as in-house support and training for microscopy and quantitative image analysis. Our aim is to provide personal hands-on training and advice for the entire workflow of all microscopy-based experiment carried out across CPR, and we encourage every user to develop a high level of independence. We also enable and mediate interaction of microscopy users within the NNF Center Cluster thanks to sharing the imaging staff and facilities with the DanStem Center located in the same building as CPR.

In addition to the hands-on technical support, the Platform organizes regular seminars and user meetings on microscopy and actively networks with other microscope users in the Copenhagen area and beyond, including EMBL, the hub of technological innovation in protein imaging worldwide.