CPR Seminar by David Pellman – University of Copenhagen

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CPR Seminar by David Pellman

Research seminar by David Pellman, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, US.

Title of the seminar: "Job’s dilemma for the genome: Why bad things happen to good chromosomes" 

The Pellman lab studies normal cell division mechanisms and the cell division defects of cancer cells. We seek to understand how cell division defects, particularly defects in mitosis, shape cancer genomes. The development of cancer involves a complex series of genetic changes by which normal cells evolve into transformed cells. Understanding the consequences of these genetic alterations will be central for developing novel cancer therapies, which must exploit differences between tumor cells and the normal cells from which they are derived.
We are particularly interested in the causes and consequences of whole-chromosome aneuploidy, a prevalent but poorly understood feature of human cancers. We use a range of experimental approaches, including genetics, functional genomics, biochemistry, and live-cell imaging. Our ongoing projects use yeast, mammalian tissue culture, and genetically engineered mice.

Read more about David Pellman's research here

Host: Jiri Lukas in collaboration with the Chromosome Biology Club.

All are welcome. Registration is not necesary.